TMCP Podcast – Matt Lippert BF Goodrich Where the Rubber Meets the Road



This weeks interview is with Matt Lippert, marketing guru and traveler extraordinaire from BF Goodrich Tires. Matt literally called me from the 2013 Holley LS Fest where is is promoting BF Goodrich’s new line of performance tires, which is one of over 30 events he works each year (growing up he moved a lot so staying in one place is not in his blood).

Matt talked about the new g-Force Rival tires just released this year by BF Goodrich. He explains the design aspects and how the new silicone infused rubber compound enhances traction but at the same time retains great tread wear characteristics compared to older sport tires. He also detailed the history of BF Goodrich sport tires leading up to the current Rival series.

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