May ’14 Feature of the Month: Phil Mitchells 67 Nova by Chris Holstrom Concepts

Story by Chris Holstrom Phil had commissioned me to build a few other pro-touring cars that turned out awesome. You could say we had really similar tastes which makes building a car much more enjoyable. Phil wanted to do a '66-67 Nova hardtop with LS power and the latest suspension goodies. What Chevy lover doesn't like the classic lines of the mid year GM compact? I began … [Read more...]

April ’14 Feature of the Month: V8 Speed & Resto’s 71 Olds Cutlass

The original owner wanted a 442, but the price tag on a 442 was a little out of reach, so this 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass S was ordered new with every 442 option except for the 455 Olds engine. It's got the bucket seats, 4-speed, Outside Air Induction fiberglass hood, sway bars, disc brakes... and a 350 4-barrel. It's an interesting car, and here's where the journey back to … [Read more...]

March ’14 Feature of the Month: V8 Speed & Resto’s “Reloaded”

1968 Camaro "RELOADED" Words by Kevin Oeste, pics by Kevin Oeste & Mark Vironda Built by V8 Speed & Resto Shop, Red Bud, IL I was in high school when I met Pete Kurpiewski, a guy a few years older than I who claimed to have a California-bought '68 Camaro SS in his garage. "BS!" I exclaimed, as no punks our age seemed capable of owning such a car. Pete proved me … [Read more...]

February ’14 Feature of the Month: Enzo Morales’ 66 Chevelle

This month we feature Enzo Morales' beautiful 66 Chevelle. The Premise: Build and Drive a 1966 Chevelle Malibu, as a street cruiser that has been modified with the aftermarket's ample supply of parts and accessories. The goal is to modify the underpinnings and drivetrain with modern equipment while maintaining the vintage appeal of a 60's Icon. The Car: 1966 Chevelle … [Read more...]

Raj Mundi’s 69 Camaro

I have had an infatuation (some might call it an addiction/problem) with cars from an early age. The car that started the problem was my cousins 1987 Buick Grand National. Once he lowered it and added some Centerlines that was it, I was hooked! I have always wanted to build a car that was "mine" and I got that chance a few years ago. Much like a few others on the forum, this … [Read more...]

Scott Careys 64 Chevelle

  Owner/Builder: Scott Carey   When I bought the car I was looking for an all original car. This was as close as I could find; two owners and one repaint. My plans were to just leave it and drive it as is while I was building my other car. But as plans often change, one day I thought I would just do a motor swap... well the rest is history.   … [Read more...]

Randal Lanclos’ 61 Bel Air

  1961 BelAir -Owner: Randal Lanclos -Builder: GAP Racing -Paint: Masters Paint & Body  -Interior: Dakota Digital dash, AC, and Air Ride control. Vintage Air Conditioning, Lokar shifter and pedals, Ididit column, Intro steering wheel. JL Audio speakers and amplifier. -Body Mods: Smoothed firewall, refurbished all the factory trim -Suspension: Air Ride … [Read more...]

Cary Ostera’s 68 Camaro

  -Builder : GAP Racing   -Paint : HK Collision   -Interior : GAP Racing and Westside Upholstery Heated Leather seats, Vintage Air Conditioning, MCI Console, Kenwood Radio w/ Navigation, JL Audio Speakers and Amp, OnStar, Dakota Digital VHX Gauges, Anvil Auto gauge pod and sill plates, Dynamat Xtreme, Clayton Machine Works pedals, Ididit Column, … [Read more...]

Marty McGuire’s 57 Chevy Bel Air

  Way back in 2005 or 2006 my Dad and I were talking about building him another car. He kept telling me about the 57 Chevy that he had before we were born and one day he wouldn't mind finding another one to build. It seemed that he wanted to build another car, one that maybe he would drive and enjoy a little more then his 62 Bel Air Bubbletop.   I am not sure … [Read more...]

Jeff Richied’s 69 Camaro

  My story starts out like so many others. I had a good solid car that I'd bought a few years earlier which was a great five footer but had a few issues. The 15 year old lacquer paint was checking and there were rust bubbles surfacing in typical areas so I decided it was time to correct the problems. After talking with several shops I decided to have West Coast Auto … [Read more...]