Dakota Digital VHX Gauge Install And Review

Dancing needles, flashing lights, oh what a sight! Gauges on your dash are one the of the coolest features on a car. They move with the push of the pedal, and give valuable insight to your car. They let you know how fast you were going - regardless of what the Highway Patrol may claim. Gauges also act as insurance in a way, letting you keep tabs on the monster under the … [Read more...]

Stripe Application by Jeff Lilly Restorations

Ahh the finishing touch on your Muscle Car, time to top it off with some factory racing stripes. Lets see what it takes to get it on straight, true and wrinkle free. 1. Stripe kits come packaged rolled up in a box. Like any product you buy always check the stripe for quality by inspecting it for straight and true lines with no waves in them. We have seen some wavy … [Read more...]