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Originally Posted by awr68 View Post
Now we're talkin'!! My sport bike engine tuner back a few years ago (ok 10 yrs) had a bike just like that...yellow and everything! One of my best friends has a red 996 that I got to put some miles on back then...there's truely nothing like riding one of these Ducs! At the time I had a 'worked over' R1. yep! Those were the days!

Ok, back on topic!
Another quick hijack.......I love My '04 CBR 1000rr even though it's becoming "old" technology. The sad thing is is the price of the Japanese bikes is skyrocketing while the Euro bikes are plateauing or dropping. For he price of a new Japanese sport bike you can get a BMW S1000RR, almost a Ducati 1198. The new Kawasaki ZX-10 is 15k! The new breed of 600cc sport bikes is pushing $12k.......that's more than My 1000 was new!
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