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I'd contact the local lift installer/sales places in your area.... and get on a list with them for when they have to take one out of someones place --- or they're swapping out etc.

A buddy of mine once bought ALL the equipment in 3 Ford dealerships -- and he ended up with 80 lifts! He sold them all in a month. This was top of the line stuff!!

I bought a Snap-on parts washer from him for $750 --- and while that seems "expensive" compared to the Harbor Freight versions --- this thing is commercial grade - filtered and could be used everyday all day for the rest of my life. Plus it says Snap-On on it and it's red! WTF is better than that!!

OH ---- And make certain you get an ASYMMETRIC lift!!! Do not settle for anything else. That way you can open your doors wide open while the car is on the lift.

The other thing you should consider is the lifting arms -- what their height is off the floor. You don't think it's important until you find out they won't go under what you're working on and then you have to jack the POS up every time you want to use the lift. What a PITA. So if your frame clearance is 4" and your lift arms need 4.5".... well -- that half an inch suddenly becomes real big.

My Rotary only needs 3 5/8".... and the only thing it won't pick up is my Lotus. That I have to drive up on ramps before the arms will swing under it. But it's only 95mm off the floor to the body pan. On my old Eagle lift -- all my hot rods and any of my buddies low cars had to go on ramps at least in the front -- what a PITA.

Also compare RISE --- because depending on how tall you are --- you might find yourself working hunched over. Again - doesn't seem like much but 3 or 4" of rise difference can make a big difference if you're tall.
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