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...and about those quarters.

Lots of old rust and rot and rat scat. My rational was, "why have them blast and prime panels I've already planned to remove?" The passenger side revealed a scabbed on patch using lots of adhesive. The inner structure appeared solid.

The driver side was much less dramatic. Prying the panels off the rockers confirmed they're fairly intact, if a bit corroded.

The inner sail panels have a lot of that resin. I assume the PO used it as a backing to mound up body filler on the outside:

Once ready, we loaded her up on the trailer, and I took it to North Texas Customs.

I also took the fenders and doors, but I still have some work to do on the hood and deck lid, and they can be handled individually.

They blast with a 40/80 grit garnet, and scrape off what that doesn't get - underbody coating, resin, etc. To avoid stress relieving and warping, only one side of a panel is blasted - they treat and sand the underside of the roof chemically and/or mechanically before priming. Turns out, this process is what the shop is best known for, and they have a good reputation from members on a few forums, the HAMB in particular.

Big step for the car.

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