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That stem wall above is bearing right through that center column. I would talk to my PE about two ways of picking up the loads-

First would be doing an I beam straight across the opening and picking up the loads on 2 heavy wall columns on the right and left corners.

The other way would be to possibly do a steel flush "T" beam arrangement running back through the garage after picking up the front load. This way you could share the load across the area without loosing headroom.

Of coarse this is total speculation without being there and doing an exploratory on it. I do high end residential work in a very niche market and get challenged by this type of scenario alot. There is a couple of options for you, but get a good structural guy there to do the calcs for you, cause there is definitely some weight there. And I don't know your local codes, but I would say it would surely need permitting!
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