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In its final resting place, transmission tunnel clearanced for the T56, ACT Clutch, pressure plate and flywheel installed, new hydraulic throwout bearing installed, clutch line hooked up to master cylinder.

Got it sorted out where it should be and got to work on a tranny crossmember. Used the factory camaro trans mount and adapted it to the factory Volvo crossmember.

Turned our pretty nice. I had the nephew down helping me out with the project so I cut him loose with the DA after welding. We shot some good paint on it, same Catalyzed 20% black stuff I shot on the booster. Looks pretty good though for shooting it outside.

Had a bunch of yardwork to do yesterday so didnt get much done.

Started mocking this up....haha. You can see it isnt close to clearing.

Messed around with a few ideas and this is what I came up with. I didnt like the idea of cutting out the tube all together, so I fashioned this little bridge out of some 1/8" plate and some 5/16" round bar. I know its not going to be nearly as strong as the tube that it replaced....

Here is why I am doing it this way.

Everyone said no way is that possible, never going to fit under the hood =)

Harness should be here this week so I can start messing with that. I need to figure out a radiator situation as the engine is not as far back as I had hoped for. So Radiator is going to have to move forward a little bit to fit the heat exhchanger for the intercooler and the dual fan setup.

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