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Default Old track car project - new update

Some of you may remember that I have been working on a 56 Corvette track car ----- forever. A few months ago I finished fabricating an all new, high travel, low roll front suspension. I built several lower control arm mock-ups to work out all of the tire clearances with the 335 front tires, deep backspacing, high travel, lots of caster gain, etc. Anyway, I finally sent the chosen mock-up to my son Ryan to finish the fabrication - chrome moly, Sutton inboard bearings, Howe ball joints. He built fixtures and even built special bender shoes to get opposite direction bends very close together. He sent me these photos as he gets ready to start Tig welding. They are car porn!


Corvette 56 control arms 1.jpg

Corvette 56 control arms 2.jpg
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