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As stated sell that POS and buy a T56 Magnum.... the smoothness in shift quality cannot even be compared.... I'm shifting a 100% stock T56 Magnum at 7800rpm making 1200rwhp+ in my LS9 turbo RX-7 1/2 mile car. I put them in all the conversions I do. TKO600 is dinosaur technology.

They are putting them behind 2JZ builds making 1600rwhp+ and shifting at 10,000rpm running mid 7's@200mph+

T56 Magnum has provisions for mechanical and VSS speedos, multiple shifter locations, beefy 31 spline output shaft, and all the internals are made from a better grade steel than the older T56's '93-06 style....
Project: 1969 Chevelle, alum 5.3, GTS76 turbo, Chiseled Perf A/W intercooler, Holley Dominator EFI, Davis TC, JRi coilovers, 14" brakes, T56 Magnum. CTS-V Recaro seats!
Coffey Fabrication Nashville, TN doing the fabwork! 800rwhp+/25mpg+/9's@150mph goal

1993 Mazda FD RX-7, built LS7, T56 Magnum, Holley HP, Davis Tech TC, 8.8" 3.73 Cobra IRS diff, DSS axles, Ohlins coilovers, big brakes.
CCW 18x11 front 315/30/18's and 18x12.5 rear on 335/30/18 RA1's, 2850lbs
10.31@137mph 165mph Shift-Sector 1/2 mile speed
441ci AllPro headed motor and 200lb weigh reduction in the works....
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