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Originally Posted by 72Z/28 View Post
I gave up.

I have checked the damn wiring on those side markers, and they are correctly wired.

I do not know why when I put those stupid LED side markers, voltage gets introduced into the blinker wire.

When both side markers removed, the voltage at each blinker wire is zero, and both dash indicators disappear.

When I put driver side LED side marker, voltage of 5.9V gets introduced into blinker wire, zero voltage at passenger side blinker wire, and driver side dash indicator gets lit.

The same when I put Passenger side LED marker. Voltage of 5.9 at passenger blinker wire, and passenger side dash indicator gets lit.

I just canít figure out what else to check for.
Did you try removing the tail light bulbs yet? Also can you confirm that the side marker lights only has one wire going to the socket. Maybe someone modified the marker lights so they would blink with the turn signal in which case you would need a different bulb.
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