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Default AAW + RS Headlights + LED 7" Round

I know everyone loves wiring......

I have a 1967 RS with all American Auto Wire classic update kit. It includes the RS harness which mimics the original 3 relay door system.

The doors open but will not close. When i put a resistor inline I can get one door to close but not both. I think the issue is the filament path to ground with the LED is different than an H4 style.

From their instructions:
The Control Circuit is energized when the headlamp switch is "OFF" and the ignition switch is "ON". Relay R1 is
not energized. Relays R2 and R3 are energized through the ignition switch through the one-way diode, the relay
coils, the headlamp switch terminal, the dimmer switch, and finally through the sealed beam filaments to ground.

Has anyone else encountered an issue with getting the door to close. AAW recommended trying to tap into the lead wire to the high/beam switch on the floor with a resistor. I haven't tried that yet.

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