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Originally Posted by DBasher View Post
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

You and I should have met YEARS ago.....

Originally Posted by syborg tt View Post
I would love to fly out this weekend however it's just me and the dog as the wife & kids are in Disney & Daytona this week.

Next show for me is GG Pleasanton.

I love Pleasanton.... but Lillard never invites me to come stay with him.....

Originally Posted by Sonar Chief View Post
Greg ... I'll be there Saturday morning, one of my submarine buddies is coming over Sat night for Sunday's fun!

See ya ...

Looking forward to seeing you buddy!

Originally Posted by Rod P View Post
I was going to Fly out to see you this weekend buddy...but I just started in a new area at work and couldn't swing the extra days for the travel....I will try to get out there later....soon...

Would be good to see ya Rod --- but we'll catch up at another "spot".

Originally Posted by Cosmo mentis View Post
Ditch the pooch and see the Weld.


Originally Posted by Vince@Meanstreets View Post
I'll be in Ron's spot sweeping up cheese balls all day Saturday. Can't wait to see some good classic racing.

Vince --- These are "track days" and you know dang good and well we never "race". I just hope I have to energy to even suit up. Today has been a little rough as you know.... But I'm going to give it a valiant effort.
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