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Originally Posted by waynieZ View Post
It looks like its a nice car. 70 is a nice body style.
Famous last words.... We thought it was going to be a real nice car as well.

This is what came back from the acid dipper.

At what point during this incredible metal work do you think this guy thought to himself..."Yup, I think its ready for paint!" It is amazing how something that looked as good as the original car, could end up like this. We looked the car over pretty well before disassembly and had no idea of what laid underneath.

What was left of the wheel opening and outer wheel house.

There wasn't a wave, a bubble, a sand scratch, a shrinkage mark... nothing anywhere in this quarter. the trim fit nicely all around the convertible top... no signs of what was underneath. Oh well, nothing that an entire parts catalog can't fix!
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