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Default Bleeders sucking air?

Is it possible for bleeders to suck air around the threads and then expel it with the brake fluid during bleeding? I have Wilwood 6 and 4 piston calipers with a completely new system on my Firebird. The brakes work good enough to drive the car, but there still doesn't seem to be the level of stopping power I am expecting from the manual system that Ron Sutton put together for me. I have bled several times, but don't know what to expect from pedal feel with the manual system. It doesn't feel like there is obvious air in the system, but the brakes feel vague when stopping (if that makes sense). I decided to gravity bleed last night and started at the passenger rear inside bleeder. I was watching the fluid flow and every once in a while I would get a bunch of bubbles coming out with the fluid.....then it would be back to straight fluid. When the bleeders are loose enough to get flow, they are also loose enough to wiggle. I decided to wipe some grease at the base of the bleeder to help seal it off from the outside. I still would occasionally get bubbles. After extensively bleeding the passenger rear, I moved to the driver's side and seen no bubbles...haven't done the fronts yet. Just wondering if I could have had that much air in the system and still have a fairly decent pedal...or am I sucking air around the threads of the bleeder and then seeing them come out with the fluid?
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