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Originally Posted by craig510 View Post
Remove the springs and cycle the suspension to see if it rubs. Easy.
I'll see if I can get out and do that today. I know several guys run 335s on the rear and it just seemed tight. Thanks for the reply.

Originally Posted by dhutton View Post
I think this is normal. You could roll your lips and add a 1/4" spacer to pick up a little more clearance. I would not worry until you actually drive the car. It may rub a little approaching steep inclines but should be fine otherwise.

I thought about this as well. Even an eighth inch spacer plate would be something. I didn't cut my wheel studs yet so should be fine there. I bought the eastwood fender roller so may give that a shot as well, thank you.

Originally Posted by Ron in SoCal View Post
The centering device on the Schwartz chassis (panhard bar, right?) should keep the rear end stable and therefore limit side to side movement - but you still get just a little. Next up is any sidewall flex. I'm not sure how much but as Craig and Don mentioned, cycle the suspension one side up / other down on each side without the shocks / springs connected and see if there is any rub. Bear in mind, your shock compresses only so far which will limit the ability of the tire to go into the wheel well and rub. If no rub, your existing clearance and the extra 1/4" lip roll should do you fine.

Thanks for the reply. It's a triangulated 4 link, so should not have to much side to side.
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