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Default For Sale: 1966 Chevelle Wagon

Item Location (City/State): State College, PA 16870

Price: $2,000

Description: 1966 Chevelle 300 Deluxe Wagon. This price is for Lateral-G people! I will not sell for a dime less than this, I paid more for it than this a few years ago. I just figure being out here in PA, this will help with transportation costs.

The car is complete - including the rear side glass(I have those stored for safe keeping). The only broken glass is the front windshield.

Rust: Minimal rust, the biggest is the two rear side windows are rusted out. But the roof and everything else looks solid from what I can tell.

Body: Good shape. The right rear was hit at some point, but not hard enough to break glass or anything. The right front fender was bumped at some point as well. Overall the body is in good shape.

It's a complete car but needs a total restoration. It does have an engine and trans, they work good enough to get it on and off a trailer but that's about it.
Tim King
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