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We got it down to my house and I, accidentally, tried to get the graffiti off of the side. I used a stripper that ate right through the graffiti and the blue paint, all of the sudden it's shiny and I see my eyeball staring back at me! Turns out the entire rig is aluminum other than the foot wells, you know what that means!
Lots and lots of time stripping, what am I doing? This thing is stupid, why did I even start doing this, FML!
In between scraping and applying stripper I'd play with the drivetrain. I notice a bunch of new gaskets, oil pan, water pump, TC cover and even head gaskets, hmmm. My dad would come down and we'd spend time together monkeying with and getting things sorted out. We wired it enough to try and start it, hooked up a temporary fuel can and turned the key.....braaappa brappa, wumpty wumpty wumpty, it's alive!
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