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Okay, I've been slacking on keeping this thread updated. However, there has been plenty of autocrossing going on!

Since my last update I've attended:
CAM Challenge 4/30-5/1
CalClub SCCA practice day 5/14
San Diego SCCA autocross 5/15
San Diego SCCA autocross 6/5

CAM Challenge West
I was pretty stoked with the turnout at the CAM challenge. CAMT was the largest group of the three classes with 25 cars that competed! You can check out the results of Saturday here:

The Sunday shootout results are here:

Some pics I found someone took of some of the CAM challenge:

You Sunday shootout finalists here:

Brett with the 99 Mustang on the left was the overall shootout winner.
Mary Pozzi was the Saturday CAMT winner.
Autocross and Track blog

Lots of autocross & track day videos of my car:
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