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Lots of great input on this thread, so thanks guys.

So for sure the T56 magnum, is the transmission of choice. I already have the scattershield, which I ordered a few years ago. I am still wrestling with the OD gear ratios.

I think that I read that you can order a close ratio transmission, with the higher OD ratios. The reason I am looking into this, is a couple of the interior highways here have the high speed limits 120-125 kph cruise, and it is not unusual to see people at a little higher, so 75-85 mph and I'd like to keep it at around 2100-2200 max for a good superhighway cruise (which is where I am now)

If I do this on the close ratio trans, it does kind of kill my top end a little.
I like the super cruise.
The wide ratio trans, actually has a similar gear spacing to the current TKO 500 that I have. If I put a 3.73 diff, then effectively it would give me the same top end and add two gears before my current second gear. kind of nice in stop and go traffic, I think
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