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Originally Posted by g356gear View Post
So I pulled the coil, and I had upgraded it from stock several years ago to a Pertronix coil. I was told the 0.6 ohm Flamethrower 2 was the model to use with stock points. Apparently I should have been given a 1.5 ohm Flamethrower 1, and this may be the reason the coil failed.
Since you mentioned wanting to update to electronic ignition, I thought I would point out IF you decide on a Mallory Unilite conversion or distributor, they require a the use of a ballast resistor OR a 3 ohm coil. I learned this because I recently blew out 2 Unilite modules instantly by connecting a "regular" (low impedance) coil.
MSD does not offer a 3 ohm coil, but Pertronix does, which works perfectly with my Unilite.
Just FYI.

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