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Originally Posted by GregWeld View Post
Dump is a relative term --- and when they're charging me $400 a night for a room that they sell the rest of the year for $80.... and half the restaurants in the hotel are closed up -- and I about vomit every time I have to walk thru the bridge to the parking lot/car show.... and I'm afraid to walk around at night. I don't go back.

The term is also relative to what that show USED to be.... and the Auction USED to be.... and how many cars USED to be in town. Maybe it's recovered from the "low's" but I haven't been convinced.

I suppose to someone that hasn't been there before - they'd think it was pretty cool -- but I started going there when HAN was THE SHOW in the west.... Now - the only guy I know that still goes there is Charley. Not a single friend that used to go there goes anymore and they're all still going to shows and have some really nice cars. The reasons are always the same -- overcharging for the rooms -- the car quality overall etc. Each year we all touch base and discuss if we should "try it again" -- nobody has said they would.
Overcharging for the Rooms - I think my room on Tuesday was $39 and by Friday-Saturday was over $300. I think you get that in places that have big events, try getting a room around Sebring when the 12 Hour Week - they get you for 5 day Min at Big Bucks, Daytona at SpeedWeeks, Spring Break & Biker Week.
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