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Another great SCCA outing this past weekend with Cal Club. Man I love running at El Toro. Since I drive about 90 miles to get to the San Diego events and 60+ miles to get to the Fontana events it sure is nice having an event less than 20 miles away but even better are the big and fast courses they can make at El Toro. There aren't other places in SoCal that allow these types of courses.

I went to the practice day on Saturday and the Championship day on Sunday. Sunday was originally going to have 6 drivers in 5 cars in CAMT but Efrain discovered a wiring harness gremlin that morning and Evan's crew chief and partner in crime had a family issue crop up so they both weren't able to run. Efrain came out and got to see some of the action though. Overall we had a good mix of all three classes of CAM cars with a total of 13 drivers.

A buddy brought his Daytona replica and ran CAMS with it for his first ever autocross. He has wheel to wheel racing experience on the road course so it was fun seeing his first time on the autocross course.

The old school muscle at the event.

Andrew with the 69 Camaro was trying his first SCCA course ever. He had previously done GoodGuys and Hotchkis. My wife also drove for only her second time ever autocrossing.

Some of the CAMC cars

And the times for the three CAM classes.

The CAMT and CAMS crew just couldn't hang with the CAMC guys. Despite a first place finish in CAMT I couldn't help but feel I wa off pace compared to where I usually run against the CalClub CAMC cars. My wife was pretty happy to be in the same realm of times as the novice CAMT and CAMS drivers. Andrew had a 68 second run per the digital clock on his 3rd run but the announcers claimed he needed to do a rerun which he didn't hear and so he didn't get an official 3rd timed run.

I didn't get a pic of his vette but Tom drove up from San Diego and was even nice enough to let Richard codrive when Richard's ignition switch in his 68 Vette went out. I haven't heard how Tom feels about Richard beating him in his own car though...

The next Cal Club event is 7/10 and the next SDR event is 6/26!
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