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Originally Posted by Sieg View Post
"Ideal for 13″ through 16″ tires"

Have you contacted them regarding tire diameter spec vs rim diameter?
Sent them this email a while back:

The car is a 69 Camaro, I run a 275 30 18 on the front and a 335 30 18 rear tire. According to a pdf they sent me it says “ EACH WHEEL ADAPTER IS DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE STANDARD TIRE SIZES FROM 13” TO 16” TIRES”. But then it also says the maximum outside diameter is 32.5” , my tires are only 25 to 26 in diameter mounted on an 18 inch rim. It then says that it is recommended that the hub diameter of the tire is not less than the inside width of the forks(16.125”). Since my rim diameter is 18 if the tire went down on the lift it could not fall through the forks. The only other issue is the tire width, the rear tires are a 12 to 13 inch section width, I don’t know how long the forks are, I’m guessing near 10 inches, perhaps you could educate me on that one.

So my question is can I safely put the Camaro on the system1a lift with the wheel adapters? The car weighs 3470 lbs

Here’s a quick layout of the customers tires.

Figuring a 108”wheel base and 74” outside width (need this to be verified, as I just looked it up on google), the physical reach of the adapters should accommodate this vehicle fine.

The adapters fit fine around the tires, as long as the height clearance is available (forks are no wider than the tires themselves, so height clearance may be irrelevant).

The length of the forks cover at least (if not more) 2/3 of the tire, so this is acceptable as well.
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