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Originally Posted by GregWeld View Post
I'd contact the local lift installer/sales places in your area.... and get on a list with them for when they have to take one out of someones place --- or they're swapping out etc.

A buddy of mine once bought ALL the equipment in 3 Ford dealerships -- and he ended up with 80 lifts! He sold them all in a month. This was top of the line stuff!!
I tried to find a good used one first but I was unable to so I ended up buying what I have.

Originally Posted by GregWeld View Post
Also compare RISE --- because depending on how tall you are --- you might find yourself working hunched over. Again - doesn't seem like much but 3 or 4" of rise difference can make a big difference if you're tall.
If he's got the lower ceiling height the rise probably isn't going to be as critical. I can get mine all the way up with my camaro but I still have to hunch a bit to get under certain portions as I'm 6'3" tall BUT.....I find myself only raising it 3/4 of the way and cruising around under the car with a rolling stool. I find that much more comfortable than standing all the time. So, a lower rise (in your low ceiling application) isn't all that bad and it's a hell of a lot better than no lift at all, you just have to improvise a bit.
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