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Another Sunday, another great day of autocrossing!

Yesterday marked the 2nd monthly CalClub autocross and my first time making it out. We had 7 CAM cars show up

CAM C - Matt A. in his late model mustang that he calls "the rental car."

CAM S - Jane T. in her 64 Corvette (Scarlet)
CAM S - Greg T. in his 65 Corvette (Scar)

CAM T - Efrain D. in his 69 Camaro
CAM T - Ron M. in his 69 Camaro (making his SCCA debut!)
CAM T - Kevin R. in his 65 Chevelle
CAM T - Myself in the 68 Camaro

The weather was beautiful low 80's SoCal day, perfect for autocrossing.

The course yesterday was HUGE (times of almost a minute and a half)! The 2nd biggest course I've done and one of the big reasons I love going to the SoCal SCCA events. Both the CalClub region and San Diego region consistently create one minute plus courses with a lot of variety.

With such a long course DNF's were in vogue, though I think at least one or two of them were bad calls but everyone ran their best time without a DNF so it was all good.

In CAMT Efrain came out of the gate swinging and jumped into the lead in the first set of runs and kept that position for the first 3 of 4 competition runs. It wasn't until the 4th run that I managed to leapfrog him into 1st. In CAMS, Greg ran the fastest time of any of the CAM cars during the competition runs. Everyone loved Greg's car, including the announcer. Matt was up against another late model Mustang in CAM C who was on the RE71 tires and ultimately Matt wasn't able to catch him.

Here are the Official Results for the CAM cars as well as the X-runs that we did later.

And here is a video of my 77.8 second x-run.

And one final pic Ron took in the hot pits.

Thanks everyone for coming out! Hopefully, I see you again plus some of the other local autocrossers at future CalClub events.

PS. this is the same lot the CAM Challenge will be held in April so as you can see the courses possible in this lot are awesome!
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