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Mini update:

In my last update, I showed the wheel well openings on the front driver side cut out and raised up. In the end, I was able to raise the openings by 2.375" on each side.

Some notes for those who seek to do this:
-There is no vertical portion of the wheel well opening... so when you raise the opening, you end up with a wierd jog. So you have to slice the lower part and re-work it to fix it.
-Cut about 1/4" above where the wheel opening lip meets the main curve of the fender. This lets you work the lip and the main fender curve for a better fit.
-ESAB EZ-Grind wire is worth the cost, if you are mig welding. It hammers out nicely and is relatively soft for MIG wire.

Drive side welded up:

Checking the wheel for clearance, to figure out how to do the inner fender.

This is how/where I cut it on the passenger side.

The next step is to rebuild the little brace that the inner fender bolts to, then to modify the inner fender to clear the tires.
Wanted - F-Body LS1 oilpan/pickup/baffle

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