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Originally Posted by Ben@SpeedTech View Post
Ron- I might also mention that the motor mentioned above that I've now installed in my wagon was in my 3100 lb w/me street/strip Nova, and ran 11.70s @110 through a 3" dual (no crossover) system with 40 series Flowmasters and 2.5" tailpipes exiting behind the back tires. That car had 4.56 gears and a 4500 stall, I shifted at 6500 and went through the lights at 6200.

There definitely is truth in that you want to reach and maintain the optimum exhaust velocity for maximum horsepower, be it through a single or dual exhaust system. Give our guy Steve a call here at 707-544-4761 x452. Steve will be more than happy to discuss what you’re trying to do with your car in detail (current mods, planned mods, etc.) and get you the scoop on how to make sure that your exhaust system is setup properly.

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