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Originally Posted by 67ragtp View Post
WOW WOW WOW, IM A BELIEVER. All I can say is LS power is awesome, truly big block power in a smaller light weight package and responsive is an understatement. Four days ago I installed 500 lb springs in the chassis to get the ride height where I wanted it and perhaps make the car a little more sporty in the corners. It worked out well and dont think I went to heavy since the ride is very nice. What an end to a week, I hired master tuner Ed Hutchings(edcmat-l1) to tune my LS7. Super nice guy, spent a couple days with him at my house, we fought off the rain and he did what he does best tune the engine/car. He just flat out knows what he's doing and knows what the engine needs. When I say master tuner Im not kidding, after tuning hundreds of cars his experiance and knowledge base of all the different software packages and the hardware is extensive. His stories of his tuning trips to China, Germany, and Austria are incredable. Ed, I can't thankyou enough, I learned a bunch of things that I didn't know, and it was a pleasure having you. Ed lives in the Virginia Beach area so if you guys are looking for a tune, I highly recomend you look him up.

I still cant believe how the car handles, the DSE sub and Quad link are a killer combo. Im on overload, got a few little thing to sort out but overall the car is awesome!

That is awesome Rich! Great car, well deserve every smile the car gives you...
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