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Originally Posted by Flash68 View Post
was "Bank Owned".... now just owned by another friendly bank.

Those big neon signs are kewl.

First Bank of Weld....

Found the neon on FleaBay -- noticed the seller was very near me so sent him an email as I wanted to see the Mobil in person... turns out he has a store so went to check it out. Also turns out that he was needing some cash flow. NOW WE'RE TALKIN' -- as I am more than happy to help with that regard... ended up with the Mobil and the Nash. Called my moving company and the next day they're at my house instead of his store.

Originally Posted by intocarss View Post
"Jody already has me buying the vacant lot out back and remodeling the building... Just shoot me"

Is the lot behind your building big enough for a small test track??

Well here's the deal Jerry.... the building is on a "circle" with no stop signs... and there's nothing happening in this little commercial area after about 5 in the afternoon. So I'm thinking.... I pretty much have the whole neighborhood as a test track!
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