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Originally Posted by Ed.Capen View Post
The 10% rule is to help with situations that come up with cars that are not representing a production car or are a kit car that is not even close to a production car. If you take a mustang roof and cut it down to be as wide as the drivers area and slap on some cut down fenders and doors and it looks like a dwarf car more than a Mustang it is going to be running in the Fun Class that is not eligible for any awards or posting of times.

There has been alot of thought that went into these rules to try and not exclude cars but keep it safe and fun. Remember when there is money involved we have to cover all the bases to make things fair and keep everything in line.

I hope that everyone is looking at being the fastest at an event or being in the top of the PRO-Class so they can be part of the AutoCross Finals Shootout. This is going to be BIG....

Also Donny did you see you are not a Hot Rod!!!!

So does everyone vote if a body mod is over 10% or is the decision made by one person. Your example would be a 100% body mod in my opinion. Does that mean as long as the overall size of the car is within 10% of stock. Example: if the stock wheelbase was 100" then anything between 90" and 110" would be within the 10% rule or if stock width is 60" then anything between 54" and 66" would be within the 10% rule. Can you please clarify this rule?

Fuel cell: ATL does not put a SFI tag on their bladders, SFI cells are for the pro-street crowd not the pro-touring crowd. I think you should look into this new rule and add FIA certs are acceptable in lieu of SFI.

Also why is Donny not a hot rod?
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