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Originally Posted by hackster View Post
Thanks buddy. I was pretty upset when I got his email back saying I was not allowed but if they don't want me there, I don't want to be there.

If that is the kind of crowd they are I would not be a good fit.

Here is the funny thing.

I originally emailed him, sent him a description of the truck, my background, all of the instructor schools I have done in the last two years and a list of all the was very clear that it was a truck.

He then asked for some photos of the TRUCK...

Of course I obliged and sent him a few photos of the truck.

I asked him this evening and he sited their rules and that there are no trucks or SUV's allowed for safety purposes.

I call total b.s. no trucks allowed is fine just tell me that up front but when you ask for photos and run it past your officials there is another reason.

I don't believe in not telling the truth as hard as it is to hear sometimes I would rather hear the truth than some bull**** story.

I'll get down there to run with you guys this spring.

It was your Eugene address, file a discrimination suit.

Also get a Springfield PO Box for future entries.

Have you been to Oregon Raceway Park yet? You'll love it and they'll love your truck.
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