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Hi Chad,

Originally Posted by ccracin View Post
So I have a quick update for you Ron. I think what you have helped me with here is going to work out better than I even imagined. So, I took all the information from the thread and typed up basically an outline for them starting with the block and moving on. I sent it over to them and let them chew on it. They are both professional mechanics and own a garage, but they are not engine guys. I think what really hit home was how many details need to be addressed to really make the most of the rules. I told them they could go one of 2 ways. I would help them execute this plan and try to stay on budget. The other was I would get them in touch with the guy I think makes the best power in our area for these types of engines and they can say the hell with the budget and put a hammer in the car. They asked for the introduction and dropped their engine off at his shop today! LOL I'll keep you posted on the progress. Thanks very much!
Too funny! But an excellent choice for them.

You have me wanting to take the parts I have around the shop and putting a motor together to sell. It might be easier to clean the shop up that way!
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