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Originally Posted by ccracin View Post
Well Ron, here is a quick update. They got the new engine and have more power than they ever have. Now they don't have the chassis to work with it. I warned them this was going to happen. I'm trying as much as I can to help them get close. One issue they are having is brakes. When I ran, we had to run OEM calipers and Pads. Now they can run racing pads but still have to run OEM calipers. This car has 12" 5x5 impala rotors and calipers on the front. Type 52. The rears are metric calipers on a floater. Type 154. What brake pads do you recommend for a 1/2 mile track? I was thinking a Hawk Blue or Black. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

Hi Chad,

The brake pads depend on the suspension set up. If they were on a high travel/low roll set ... which I doubt they are ... they would need less aggressive pads. We ran Wilwood BP-10's on our High travel Modifieds, because we needed to brake moderately for a set distance without overslowing the mid corner.

In a conventional suspension set-up, you can drive it in deeper but have to slow it down more before mid corner, so you need a more aggressive pad. Most of my customers on Conventional suspension set-ups like the Hawk Blacks. But my one client that has the best conventional set-up (close to a tweener) drives in straighter, diamonds the middle & drives off straighter ... has a shorter braking zone & runs Hawk Blues.

That's why I feel brake pads need to fit the driver & car set-up.

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