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Default C5/6 IRS and Transaxle


Right now the only thing stopping me from setting the 4.2L Buick Turbo6 back farther in my '64 Riviera is the 4L80E is about as close as I dare to the X-frame in quite a few places. I've always wanted to even out the weight distribution by going to a rear mounted transaxle. The C5/6 is a relatively easy donor as far as availability but the wheelbase is way off. Instead of just trying to lengthen the torque tube, couldn't I just use a rigid rear mount for the engine picking up a front section of prop shaft to the center carrier bearing then another shaft to the input of the transaxle with another rigid mount? I'd probably just move my 4L80E backwards and pick up an adapter to a C6 differential. What am I missing in the idea of basically opening up the torque tube but still using the C5/6 rear suspension and a transaxle?

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