See in depth features on some of the more popular products used on the cars of Lateral-g.


Ring Brothers Billet Hood Hinges




Hydroboost power assist


g-Machine Action Thread
Check out the Official g-Machine action thread showing our member's rides getting thrashed on the road course, auto-x, dragrstrip, and open road.  If you have pictures or videos of your g-Machine or someone else's, be sure to check out this thread and post them up!




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Mark Stielow's book, Pro Touring - Engineered Performance
Mark's Pro Touring book is 212-page, 1184 photo publication detailing how he builds his wild, Pro Touring musclecars.  Stielow shows you everything: from how he plans for a project, builds his one-off components/systems, to what he does to get everything to come together in a great looking, super-quick package.  The car buildup shown throughout the book is the Stielow-built ‘Mule’ 1969 Camaro—which is appropriate because from the minute it was completed, the Mule has been a Pro Touring genre-defining car. There is also one chapter giving a high level over view of his latest car 'Red Devil'.  Head over to to order yours now.





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Vintage Air Install


LS7 Install in a 69 Camaro


DSE Quadra-Link Install


DSE Coilover Kit Install


ATS T56 Installation


DSE Mini-tubs


DSE Dash Carrier


Ebay Mustang Build pictures

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