957 HP and 970 ft. lbs. should go down the road well!

Mark Stielows latest Thomson Automotive 427 just came off the dyno, and the numbers are in. 957 HP and 970 ft. lbs., with 850+ ft. lbs. from 2000-5700 rpm. Going in his latest 69 Camaro “Hellfire”, I’m thinking this one should be the best and fastest yet!

Here’s a quote from Mark Stielow:
“A tick more boost via a blueprinted blower and a slightly smaller pulley. Also a very good inlet tube and reworked blower inlet. On the exhaust side we corked it up to simulate full exhaust via flow restrictors. So I think we will clear 950 HP installed without much trouble. We also use 35 C intercooler water to be more real world. With chilled water we can clear a 1000 HP no problem? Mayhem was fast this should be even faster with more power, less weight,and more down force.”

Click the image below to see more pics of Marks latest build.