2014 Ohio Musclecar Challenge

  This past weekend marked the completion of the Ohio Muscle Car Challenge, which was actually located inside the Pennsylvania borders. Beautiful rolling, luscious green hills surround the area, and tucked away on a hillside lies the Pittsburgh International Speedway. The action started on Friday night when competitors rolled into the quiet town of Beaver Falls and went … [Read more...]

Ironworks ’70 Chevelle on CarCast with Adam Carolla

    Rodger Lee and the gang at Ironworks built a trick 70 Chevelle for Greg Heinrichs. It was our June '14 feature car of the month here on Lateral-G. Ironworks has been building badass rides for many years, so it's no shock to see the quality of their latest Chevelle. This has been standard operating procedure the … [Read more...]

957 HP and 970 ft. lbs. should go down the road well!

Mark Stielows latest Thomson Automotive 427 just came off the dyno, and the numbers are in. 957 HP and 970 ft. lbs., with 850+ ft. lbs. from 2000-5700 rpm. Going in his latest 69 Camaro "Hellfire", I'm thinking this one should be the best and fastest yet! Here's a quote from Mark Stielow: "A tick more boost via a blueprinted … [Read more...]

Random thoughts of a “car guy”

As I sit here this morning doing my daily routine of checking my favorite sites before readying myself for the day, I started thinking of how I became a "car guy" and how amazing the journey has been. I've met countless good car people over the years, and have made many close friends. Overall, the generosity, willingness to help others, and passion for our hobby is unmatched. I … [Read more...]

Want to go for a ride?

    If you haven't watched some of Brians videos, you're missing out! One of the top drivers on an autocross or road course, Brian brings years of experience to the track. Check out his latest in-car video from the second road course session at last weekends USCA Portland event. … [Read more...]

2nd Annual 2014 Barrett-Jackson Cup

The second annual Barrett-Jackson Cup is in the books. What an incredible event, drawing the top names in the industry to compete for the coveted Best in Show award. This years winner was a 57 Chevy pickup built by Hot Rod Garage and owned by Alan Beers. In only it's second year the competition was exceptional.   Imagine the AMBR winner, SMOY winner, Ridler Winner, SROY winner … [Read more...]

August ’14 Feature of the Month: Masi Isohannis “70 1/2” Twin Turbo Chevelle

This months feature car comes to us from one of our Lateral-G members, Masi Isohannis a.k.a. Studio 57. This Chevelle originally started life as a 71, but Masi swapped a 70 Chevelle front clip and El Camino front bumper onto the front of the car. Due to the mixture of years he refers to it as a 70 1/2 Chevelle. To get the car down the road Masi added a twin turbo 406 small … [Read more...]

USCA Gateway Track Videos and Pics

One of our Lateral-G members sent in these pictures of his weekend at the USCA Optima qualifier at Gateway Motorsports Park. Thanks to Lance (SSLance) for sharing these with us! We'll start with a video of his last track session on the road course. "You'll see a black Challenger on the track at one point, that is the MAV TV Crew Camera Chase car...I'm certain they got … [Read more...]

2014 Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus Ohio

The Goodguys event in Columbus featured over 6500 hot rods, customs, classics, muscle cars and trucks thru '72. They had an autocross event, drag racing, a swap meet, vendors of all kinds, live music, just a wonderful family event. We are so fortunate that one of our Lateral-G members attended the three day event and offered up hundreds of pictures. So I'd like to give thanks … [Read more...]

OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car TV Series

  We've been following this series from the beginning and have been posting coverage and updates as the events happen. They just released the TV schedule for this years events on MavTV. For more info on where to find MavTV in your local area click here. You'll definitely want to get these dates and times locked into your DVR so you don't miss any of the action. If … [Read more...]