TMCP #217 – 3.5 Years Later, My Chevelle Is Home!

This show has been a long time coming! If you've been a listener to The MuscleCar Place for a while you know that my Chevelle has been a labor of love for years. At long last, it's done. In this podcast, we concluded it all. While I'm thrilled it's done, I'm a little sad as well. It's literally been one adventure after another to get here. … [Read more...]

C4AL #13 – How Art and Craig Morrison Built Art Morrison Enterprises

As a few of you likely know already, I host another show called Cars For A Living. It highlights people that have found a way to make a living in this industry, and when there are things appropriate to our crowd I thought I'd share it here. Since Art & Craig Morrison were the guests, I thought it was a good fit! Cars For a Living - Episode #13 … [Read more...]

TMCP Podcast – Goolsby Customs on Building Show Winners and Growing A Shop!

This week's TMCP podcast show is out, and the guests were Jonathan Goolsby and Josh Henning from Goolsby Customs. A lot of you probably know them already - and the '71 Pegasus Mustang was a feature car here several months ago. During the interview we talked a lot about some of the feature cars that have helped put them … [Read more...]

TMCP Podcast – Art & Craig Morrison!

In the latest episode of The MuscleCar Place podcast the guests were Art & Craig Morrison, the dynamic duo behind Art Morrison Enterprises who likely needs no introduction. We're likely all well acquainted with their awesome suspension and chassis options, and during the show we dug into those all pretty … [Read more...]

TMCP Podcast – Pete Gladsyz on 80′s, 90′s, and 2000′s era Mopar Muscle!

The latest TMCP Podcast show is out, and (I think) Mopar fans will love it. The guest was a recently retired Chrysler Performance engineer named Pete Gladsyz. He was a part of the turbo Shelby Mopars in the 80's, a big part of the Viper in the '90's, and his last baby was the Challenger SRT8. He also has an insanely cool rally-car racing history and now organizes a huge … [Read more...]

Cars For A Living Podcast – How John Hotchkis Built His Business!

As a few of you may already know, I host several different automotive themed podcast show in addition to The MuscleCar Place. My latest show is called Cars For A Living and is completely dedicated to the career or business side of owning or starting a business in the aftermarket, racing, and restoration world. My co-host is Dan Kahn, owner of Kahn Media, and between the two of … [Read more...]