Tmcp#249 Jeff Martin–munssey Speed And Design: Custom Crafted Carbon Fiber Parts

  This weeks interview is with my pal Jeff Martin, founder and owner of Munssey Speed and Design, a company that creates really cool custom designed fiberglass and carbon fiber bumpers and components. Jeff grew up in a “modest budget” household helping his dad work on the cars and figuring out what a 9/16 wrench was, an experience that lead to a life-long love of … [Read more...]

Tmcp #248 Clayton Machine Works – From Corporate Doldrums To Hot Rod Parts

  This week’s guest is Clay Johnson, owner of Clayton Machine Works in Madison, AL – just outside of Huntsville, AL (Rocket City U.S.A.). Clay started Clayton Machine Works after he saw the writing on the wall that his boring corporate design job was NOT leading him down the path he wanted to go (as he put it, he could only kill time at work by “searching for the end of … [Read more...]

Tmcp #247 Rich Heinz’s Amazing Race Ramps: Low Slope, Lightweight, Modular, Ramps

  This weeks interview is with the founder and president of Race Ramps, Rich Heinz. Rich grew up near the dunes of Michigan and was exposed to the various off road vehicles used in the sand. He tried to avoid fast cars as they always seemed to get him into trouble. Believe it or not though, but the story of Race Ramps began not with cars….but with hot tubs! Race … [Read more...]

Mcp #245 Tess Winningham On Quicktrick’s Affordable Do-it-yourself Alignment Tools

  This weeks interview is with Tess Winningham, CEO at Alignment Simple Solutions and co founder of QuickTrick Alignment, makers of affordable and portable alignment tools. Tess admits she did not become a “gear head” until she met her husband Gary ”Mr QuickTrick” Winningham. Gary is a former regional NASCAR racer, pit crew and master mechanic that is good at finding or … [Read more...]

Tmcp #244 Jeff Vanburen On Going From Irreplaceable To Easily Replaceable

  This weeks interview is with racer, builder, and long time show listener Jeff VanBuren. Jeff got the bug for autocross racing and at one time he actually investigated buying Mark Stielow’s Camaro, the famous Red Witch, that at the time was selling for around $40,000. He then started looking for a Camaro to build in the style of that car and go racing. After a couple … [Read more...]

Tmcp #242 Blake Anderman – How To Do An Ls Swap/body Off Restoration Of An Avanti

  This weeks interview is with 30-Year Old Production Engineer Blake Anderman. Blake lives in southern Louisiana and is working on a few different high level builds out of his 20×23 garage, using a system he developed to get the most work done possible out of a small work space. Since he does it at home he is stuck with the small garage that came with his suburban home. … [Read more...]

Tmcp #241 Where Are They Now: The Ongoing Success Story Of Street Metal Concepts!

This weeks interview a “where are they now” show featuring the infamous Zip Simons and Don Endonino from Street Metal Concepts in Longwood, Florida. Zip and Don are the geniuses behind the incredible body and paint work on my Chevelle in 2013 and were one of the big reasons we made it to SEMA 2013 on time. Zip and Don both take the approach that “the art” of what they’re … [Read more...]

Tmcp #240 Gary Patterson – Shelby American Vp Of Sales, Test Driver, Director Of Fun

  This weeks interview is with Gary Patterson, Vice President of Strategic Sales and Media Relations of Shelby American. A Shelby built Mustang is the same recipe as it always was: take a good Mustang and then make it into a great Shelby Mustang. The new Shelby GT is a terrific example of that. Shelby is also reproducing/producing new Shelby Cobra bodies under the same … [Read more...]