Feeding The Beast With Spectre Performance

An internal combustion engine requires three ingredients to make power: fuel, spark or ignition, and air. In essence, an internal combustion engine is one big air pump, sucking in air, compressing it, and exhausting it. With that in mind, the easiest way to make more power is to give the engine more air, followed by more fuel, and good ignition. There are many ways to … [Read more...]

Going Full Throttle With Lokar Performance

On our 1965 Chevelle, project Teachers Pet, we experienced a problem that many people run across - throttle linkage. This is especially true with motor swaps, and going from a traditional engine with a carburetor to a fuel injected motor with a throttle body. In our case, the original SBC was long gone, and we had installed a warmed up LS2 several years back. In an attempt … [Read more...]

Forgeline Looks Behind To Forge Ahead

In grade school they teach us that we must learn history in order to prevent history from repeating itself. What the teacher meant is that some of the problems facing the world today have already been faced, and some of those we don't want to face again. Just like asking for your parents for advice, learning history can teach us about the future. What if we looked back to the … [Read more...]

Car Feature: Jon Free’s 1968 Camaro “The Greedy Bitch”

Special thanks to Classics Daily for the text and photo's! During the Hot Rod Power Tour 2015, I stumbled upon a first-gen Camaro outside of my hotel in St. Louis. A Camaro on the Power Tour is a common thing. However, Jonathan Free’s ’68 stood out from the crowd, which is hard to do with such a common car. I was drawn in by the interesting paint color, killer wheels and a … [Read more...]

Going Beyond The Red Line With Dakota Digital

  There's nothing like seeing the needle on a tachometer climb all the way to red line, and feeling the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Your palms are sweaty, heart is racing, and you want to do it all over again. The gauges in your ride are the direct correlation between feeling and visually seeing that rush. Gauges are just as important to the cars looks and … [Read more...]

An Interview With Autocross Legend Mary Pozzi

In the world of Pro Touring and autocrossing, there are a few stars. Those people that are consistently fast, beating the pants off most racers, yet offering up a smile and advice to their competitor. One such person is Mary Pozzi. While she may be a woman, she's a serious threat for anybody whenever she sits behind the wheel, but sweet as pie off the course. We wanted to … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Eight, Long Haulers Only

Today marked the day that quite a few hot rodders have been both looking forward to and dreading; the end of the Power Tour. On one hand, the group of long haulers had completed their ultimate goal of completing the Power Tour in their car. Through the taste of sweet victory was also a bitterness that comes with knowing that is over. After all of the fun and fellowship of the … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Seven

The final leg of the tour turned out to be a little bit dreary with scattered showers and surprise 5-second downpours. My biggest problem was it getting muggy inside the cab while raining and not having a defroster. I actually had to endure a little bit of rain to clear the fog off of the windshield. Unfortunately some people did not make it to the final stop, but the journey … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Six

We started off day six of the Hot Rod Power Tour in the same fashion as the rest of the days, heading south. This time we would hit our southern limit when we met the Gulf of Mexico in Gulfport, Mississippi. The venue was an old VA facility that is no longer in use. It actually made a great spot except for how troublesome it was for entry and exit. A couple of friends had … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Five

Day 5 into the Tour, we took some gorgeous back roads down through Tennessee into Mississippi. The Scamp was running fairly well and I was having some issues, until it shut down on me. Apparently when I put the new alternator on in Wisconsin, I overtightened the cable to the battery and it wallowed out the hole causing it to short out and burn through the wire. We got the … [Read more...]