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  1. So, who's going to run an LSx engine package in their 67-69 F-body ??
  2. Pics of Dynatech LS first gen camaro headers as requested
  3. After third try, LS3 STILL won't go in
  4. Oil pan needed for a LS3
  5. Coils.....where'd ya put them.
  6. LS Conversion Motor Mounts
  7. total ls cost conversion ?
  8. I need a set of Small Block Chevy frame mounts for my LS conversion
  9. Ls3 crate motor pricing
  10. LS9 Intercooler plumbing routing/help
  11. LS3 Motor w/ Billet Speciality Tru Trac System Problem
  12. Designing a 650-750 HP LS motor
  13. Builder in Ga
  14. LS2 Block cost
  15. LS engine in 99 GMC Sonoma
  16. Question about LQ4 engine
  17. LS-1 lifter noise
  18. L9H Oil Filter Problem
  19. Ls3 And Vintage Air
  20. LS Aluminum prep and high temp clearcoat?
  21. Which LS engine has the best horsepower to gas mileage ratio?
  22. Will LS3 engine harness work on an LS2?
  23. Opinion's on this new ls3 crate?
  24. DBW Pedal Installation
  25. Best radiator and fans for LS '69 Camaro
  26. Picking up a LS7 tonight...
  27. L99 Engine & 6 Speed Auto Trans - 1970 Camaro
  28. Air filter location on LS install...
  29. Direct Injected LSX?
  30. 447 Ls Stroker
  31. New Edelbrock SC416 Crate LS3!
  32. LS1 Engine and clutch
  33. LS-9 HP Mods ?
  34. Ls1 Build Horsepower
  35. Fbody radiator
  36. Long tube headers 69 Camaro
  37. 2" Setback plates?
  38. LS2/DSE header fitment
  39. Painting aluminum block and heads (LS3). What to use?
  40. Auto Kraft oil Pan?
  41. Gauges
  42. LS3 wire harness
  43. what headers for 69 camaro w dse sub,
  44. Speedtech frame mount help
  45. Anyone running solid mounts?
  46. Unisteer rack
  47. Lokar DBC, LS1 What length will I need.
  48. How do I keep crank from turning while trying to torque crank bolt?
  49. Radiator hoses
  50. Best place to get ls conversion parts
  51. Am I overlooking anything
  52. PCV Plumbing
  53. MikeNorris Motorsports EFI Tuning in Socal Around The First Week of October, 2012
  54. L99 good choice for swap?
  55. Swapping a ls1 and t56 intoa first gen, pedals, etc?
  56. need 6.0 flywheel for a 4l60e
  57. LS9 in 57 Chevy Pushing Oil Through PCV...Need Help ASAP!!!!
  58. New takeout LS engine source?
  59. LS swapped 240SX named "240LSX"
  60. Some LS9/T56 HELP please
  61. Art Morrison motor mounts
  62. cadillac ctsv a/c compressor
  63. 2002 6.0L from 3/4 burb to 57' chev PU
  64. Ls front assessories not in line?
  65. PCV Valve for Catch Can
  66. So Cal conversion expert ???
  67. Tight fit Headers, Oilpan
  68. Time to get started - Motor mounts and oil pan
  69. Gas Tank for LS2 conversion
  70. Is this a good deal
  71. Holley Efi or Gm Performance parts
  72. LS9 Mock engine - where from
  73. back fire and bogging
  74. Which engine for 600Bhp plus
  75. 67 Camaro LSX Headers with Rack and Pinion
  76. L92 "821" head on LQ4.
  77. i need some help
  78. Lsx 454
  79. LT1 or LSX?
  80. Might take the plunge. But have some questions.
  81. Advantages of LSX block for twin turbo application?
  82. Ignition wires touching headers on LS
  83. Windage tray for ls2 with mast oil pan
  84. LS1/6sp in 70 nova. which motor mounts?
  85. All maner of LS questions, 1959 Impala.
  86. L76 G8 high mount alternator bracket-which one do I need?
  87. No power after dead battery?
  88. LS2 in a first gen ?
  89. First gen Camaro LSX/headers+Steering box
  90. More LS1 power, how to?
  91. Lsx 427
  92. sheetmetal ls3 intakes on ebay
  93. Forged 418 ls3. Goal: 800ish rw daily, 1000-1500capable. Lets talk boost..
  94. ls3 front accessory drive 69 camaro
  95. Headers
  96. wiring/computer to control LS2 and 6L80
  97. Top Radiator Hose
  98. 2" Primary Headers Fit First Gen LS Swap?
  99. C6 Corvette DBW Bracket
  100. LS1 carb cam - can I run this cam, should I run this cam
  101. LS2 with LS6 manifold fuel system
  102. spectra gas tank modifications
  103. A.C. pulley, and balancer need help!
  104. Help with motor mount and positioning. LS3 in 67 camaro
  105. Upgrading a stock LS1..bang for buck
  106. Anyone Running LS or OBD II MUST SEE THIS!!!
  107. LSA into a 69 Camaro
  108. New 5.3 LM7 low on power
  109. more lsx 1st gen questions
  110. 69 Camaro questions ?
  111. ls3 install info needed for a 65 chevelle
  112. Wanted: Truck LQ4 intake
  113. Lsx swap parts question
  114. Carbed LS376/515 HP
  115. goodbye sbc , I killed a corvette and took it's heart.
  116. LS3 In My 1968 Camaro
  117. Way to many choices
  118. HARNESS for LSA..
  119. Travis Engle/daytonayellaz Call Me!
  120. What fuel line with a LS?
  121. 2005 Silverado donor truck for my 68 camaro questions?
  122. LXS454 - Codes -P0068, P0101, P1101. Wiring, Tune or Sensors
  123. Pitman arm hitting the alternator in LS swap
  124. Is it worth it?
  125. Mast M-90/M-120 vs. GM ECM
  126. Stainless Works Headers
  127. What do you all think of this deal?
  128. LS exhaust suggestions
  129. Glassman's car
  130. LQ advice
  131. considering purchase of LS2
  132. Anybody use Ricks Tank ?
  133. ls swap
  134. What do u guys think
  135. Better to get a premade wiring harness or get ur old one cut down for swap?
  136. Does the LQ9 manifold fit under 1st gen camaro?
  137. What is this thing on the negative battery cable?
  138. Ls6 steam tube
  139. What crossmembers and driveshaft work for an ls swap in a gen 1 camaro?
  140. Lq install question second gen f body
  141. Mast or tsp?vvt cam for l92
  142. LS Radiator
  143. LS Engine COnversion Plate bolts
  144. New member / Lsx project
  145. Swapping from BBC to LS3, Can I Keep the T56?
  146. Cable or throttle by wire ?
  147. Upgrade time, some questions.
  148. Mounting GMPP harness fuse box?
  149. PSI Conversions LS Harness
  150. Keep vvt or ditch it
  151. Issues with lsx swap combo.
  152. The LS7/9 Dry Sump is BACK
  153. Speedtech ATS LSX Road Race PAN
  154. Ls1 f body accessories? Anyone have some they want to sell
  155. 10K for a turn Key EFI LS
  156. Mast or Holley Retro Oil Pan (LS3 in 68 Camaro)
  157. Anyone use these headers?
  158. Old school 68 w/new heart
  159. LSA Crate engine
  160. LS3/480 GMPP harness - no heat on even bank..
  161. a/c mount options for C5 accessories
  162. Best oil pan to use on DSE subframe
  163. Fuel system
  164. Lsx advice
  165. Bought a 69 Now Need Swap Advice
  166. Ls6 With 460l Auto Conversion Need Help
  167. What bellhousing?
  168. Need help with ls3 conv.
  169. LS conversion..Info overload. A little Help.
  170. How about some clutch recommendations?
  171. Help! Lost stock Engine request Advice
  172. Edelbrock Victor EFI Intake - Fuel Rail Options
  173. Gauge Cluster for LS Conversion 69 Camaro
  174. 1972 nova ls swap with ride-tech parts?
  175. Has Anyone Used the Holley/Hooker Exhaust Manifolds?
  176. LED check engine light w a GM ECM/harness?
  177. Mike Norris EFI Calibration Work Avail Feb 11 & 12, 2014 in SoCal
  178. LS3 with Autometer Guages
  179. LS3 Purchase debate
  180. Holley LS oil pan
  181. Just had my ls swap and had a few questions.
  182. Mike w/ New Era Performance In Las Vegas for Tuning Jan 22-26
  183. Need motor mounts for 71 Firebird LS swap with TKO 600
  184. Holley LS Swap 'Kit'
  185. Bad PCM?
  186. ls6 conversion problem
  187. Norris Motorsports Mail Order, E-mail & Remote Calibration Now Available
  188. Looking for reviews on the LSX376/525
  189. LS conversion
  190. reasons for dbw throttle not working?
  191. LQ4 questions and Opinions
  192. 70 Chevelle LS7 Headers
  193. LS Swap headers
  194. 67 camaro with FAST xfi and xim modules
  195. Placement of dry sump tank?
  196. Junkyard 6.0L build?
  197. Stainless works headers
  198. Most compact front accessor drive kit and other swap parts?
  199. Accessory drive with ChassisWorks subframe... what fits?
  200. who's ac condenser are you running
  201. From sbc to LS, need help/advice
  202. Has any one used the BRP LS swap kit?
  203. Help!!
  204. American Auto Wiring and LS swap
  205. Radiator and Fan Choice for Value (Cheap!)
  206. serpentine belt drive HELP?
  207. Alternator bracket LS2
  208. A complete LS swap in 6 minutes
  209. Give me your advice!!!
  210. 5.3 liftout advise
  211. Ultimate Headers
  212. What Crossmember 2nd Gen DSE frame & T56?
  213. pump hose fitting
  214. need advice for this setup
  215. LS wiring harness guidence needed
  216. OBDII Port
  217. a lil help with 67 conversion
  218. Help with LS3 Connect and Cruise Package
  219. Holley pan 302-2
  220. Ls2 cooling fan question
  221. Will you gain value in your restomod by going to a ls2 or ls3 from an ls1?
  222. 1st Gen camaro heidts help
  223. 5.3 or ls 1 heads
  224. fuel line routing
  225. Corvette fuel filter/regulator leak problem
  226. ECM/TCM Placement
  227. LQ9 swap question (ls1 intake/belt system)
  228. LS# verus LS7
  229. Texas Speed
  230. Oil pan question
  231. Exhaust question
  232. Time to change accessories
  233. Want an easy LS swap kit with matched parts that really fits?
  234. Voltage drop
  235. New Bullet Pics
  236. Flywheel bolts
  237. Chevelle LS conversion fuel system question
  238. LSA-(w/turbo) Grand National Conversion
  239. throttle body problem..ls2 06 gto....
  240. Ls6 to 69 camaro conversion kit
  241. LS engine builders - referrals welcome
  242. Hydraulic clutch or not?
  243. neutral safety switch
  244. wiring
  245. Holley accessory brackets
  246. LS6 to LS7, LSA, or LS9
  247. accy drive on the cheap
  248. First swap help.
  249. Can't get scanner to link up
  250. Harmonic Balancer ID