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Originally Posted by cjsgarage View Post
I'm glad this is taking off. The Haltech and AEM I wouldn't say are as user friendly as some of the stuff out there. The Holley stuff is really dummy proof with new users and generic tuning.

Maybe you haven't used the AEM Infinity. It's extremely user friendly. I've done a half dozen so far and it's easy to set up. I just loaded a very generic VE each time and they all fired right up and actually ran quite well right away.

The Haltech, MS3PRO and BS3 are more detailed tuning. The average joe may not go as deep as those do, but they have the options for it.

If you're discrediting the BS3, it's because you haven't used it. The guy that designed it was the author of EFI boxes for a bunch of companies. Including FAST. He left for obvious reasons. He knows his stuff and heavily supports GMs (as mentioned). I've been very happy with his interfaces and tuning potential.

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Yes John Meaney is very knowledgeable. One of his first stints was at Accel, then Speed Pro(FAST). I understand years ago he was at Holley for a short time as well. I guess he works best on his own.
But I didn't see any of the new features that would enhance drivability. The BS3 is very good, no doubt. But in my experience it doesn't give the drivability than even a nearly 20 year old Accel Gen 7 will. Imo that was probably Johns best work.
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