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Originally Posted by MtotheIKEo View Post
A tanks inc 450 pump module is $340. That will support your hp goal.
+ some kind of regulator (~$150), you are about $500 in ignoring plumbing which will be needed for either option.

Vaporworx module is $430, which just controls the pump.
Not sure what CTS-V fuel pump module assemblies are going for. OEM modules look to be ~$800, aftermarket about the same.
The Tanks Inc tank won't accept an OE style module so you will need to weld in the mounting ring, ~$200 in hardware + installation.
So now you're ~$1500 in. (unless I'm misinterpreting the Vaporworx site)

There is no arguing that the Vaporworx setup is better. Really depends on your intentions with the car as to whether its worth it.
The intentions with the car are 99% street/highway driving.
The other 1% will be AutoX and maybe occasional drag strip trips, with max performance in those areas not required. Just be for fun, not competition.

That's why I figured the 450LPH pump will be sufficient obviously, my main concern is whether it will be too much if I opt to run lower power levels initially. Just don't want to purchase two pump if one will do it with proper control.
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