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Originally Posted by GregWeld View Post
Here's something of interest -- I'd have never thought about it. My buddy Basher wants a Butler seat -- SUTTON tells him "5 weeks" --- He (schmart little feller that he is) calls Butler -- they say "7 to 10 days". So if you're waiting on something from the dickhead ------ call the actual supplier and ask them.
A little more to it. I sent Ron my measurements and inquired about a seat the first week of July and it took weeks to even figure out if my Sasquatch like figure would fit in a ďtallĒ or if I needed a custom build. Once it was determined I needed a custom they had the money the following day.

The ONLY reason I didnít cancel the order was Butler already had my dimensions laid out and weíre moving forward...itís a slow part of the season for them and they were on top of the order in a matter of 4 days- 2 of those being a weekend. Kudos to Butlerbuilt!

After this seat and bracket deal Iím done with RSRT.
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