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Originally Posted by SSLance View Post

I plan on it being my work bench for most everything I do, including welding, fabrication, assembly work, tinkering... It's on the small side is the reason for not putting the vice right on the top and making the other devices removable as well. You are happy with 3/16" top? It's about $50 more to upgrade to 1/4" and I'm considering that.

How do you like the expanded metal lower shelf? Would you do that again or put 3/16" sheet down there instead? Pros or cons?

I like the clamp bar, want to do something like that as well. I think I need to raise the top a bit to make a bit more room on shelf below for argon tank and welder side panel to lift. Maybe 2" up to 38" total height.
I would go at least 1/4" if not more. Crazy how quick metal warps when its heated/ hammered on.

Like other's have said I would use the receiver idea. Almost everything I have in the shop is on 2" tube so I can move to the 2.5" receivers i have everywhere.

I really like the expanded metal vs a solid plate for shelves. It keeps the dirt levels down. I have long shelves on the walls too with expanded metal. I use the shelf for random things but I would not use it for the welder as others also said. its a pain if you need to move it around all the time.

As far as height, I made mine so it was comfortable when sitting on a stool and welding. Newer weld table is a but taller and can no longer sit. thought that would be an issue but it really hasn't been as of yet. I also thought to use a wieldable top then add a cover out of steel or wood that has 5/8" bolts aligned to the holes in the weld table so you could remove the solid plate top if needed for fixturing.

That car from Trick tools is pretty bad ass too
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