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Originally Posted by ErikLS2 View Post
I think if you have a good sense of the psychology of people you can be quite successful. Remember when the first huge brick cell phones appeared? Lots of folks were thinking "who needs a phone with them wherever they go?" Well, who doesn't have a cell phone now? When everyone started getting them Qualcomm stock was up over 2000% in one year, 1998 or 99 I think. There's an opportunity like that out there right now, you just have to find it. There are these cycles where almost everyone in society has to have something and bubbles happen. It happened with computers and cell phones and houses. What's it going to happen with next? Tablets? Those goofy new running shoes? Alternative energy? Cloud computing? Just looking around you at society everyday can tell you a lot about what to invest in if you really look and think outside the box. Of course, there were those that bet on Betamax, HD-DVD and so on so you can lose too.
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