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It's interesting, when I was in peak shape I ate extremely clean and I recall thinking, this is it? It's only been a few years, but when I look back at my body transformation and the ridiculous athletic feats, it's very apparent. The truth is that diet makes a gigantic difference. It just becomes our new normal. I can tell you this, when I stray a little too far, I feel it big time!

You nailed it, eating clean is WORK. It's simple in theory, but far harder to pull off. I'd buy pre-cooked chicken at whole foods and frozen veggies to make it easier on myself back in those days. I knew prep would get in my way.

I do believe that a reasonable diet and moderate exercise program is all that is needed to feel well physically. It's emotional health that is the white elephant in the room that is often at the core of why people don't feel well habitually. I'm now a professional business coach and the most fulfilling work is watching my clients change personally. Their substance. How they treat themselves and perceive life. The result is a more abundant business.
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