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Originally Posted by Denvervet View Post
I'm running a vaporworx tank which is a very well engineered setup. Do a search on here. It returnless and just controls pump speed...same setup these days in late model performance cars..CTS-V, ZL1 vettes, etc. You can get all the pump you'd ever need as the setup works with a number of fuel in-tank pumps.
If you plan on driving this much distance you won't want a return type setup. Do a search on here for overheating fuel and you'll get lots of info about frustrated hotrodders with their return EFI setups...esp big horsepower builds. And this 572 motor is a massive heat pump in the engine bay of a 1st gen Camaro.
Okay spoke with Carl....Rick's Vaporworx tank ordered with a ZL1 pump. That will pay for itself being returnless now to loop the fuel rails at the back. It will clean up the engine bay even more. Thanks for the advice!

Anyone need a perfectly good DSE mini tub SS fuel tank?
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