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Originally Posted by CarlC View Post
The CTS-V fuel module in as delivered condition can support approximately 750-800hp on gasoline.

If the module is upgraded with Deatchwerks DW300C pumps ( available from VaporWorks) the oitpit is increased to approximately 900-950hp gasoline.

For higher horsepower applications dual CTS-V fuel modules can also be used.

The OE-type fuel module is simply in a different orbit than anything available in the aftermarket. They are great pieces of engineering.
Carl is there an option that handles over a 1000 without going dual cts-v pumps. or atleast is there one you would recommend. Ive made my mind up im going with vaporworks but the DW300 pumps are right at my limit and I would prefer to have some extra growth room, and possibility to run e85 with them someday.
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